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VOL. 61, NO. 4

P. 1-13, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Challenges of increasing water saving and water productivity in the rice sector: Introduction to the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and this issue
Authors: Norman Uphoff, Amir Kassam, Amod Thakur
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P. 14-49, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Meta-analysis evaluating water use, water saving and water productivity in irrigated production of rice with SRI vs. standard management methods
Authors: Pratyaya Jagannath, Hemant Pullabhotla, Norman Uphoff
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P. 50-62, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Agricultural water savings possible through SRI for water management in Sichuan, China
Authors: Zheng Jiaguo, Chi Zhongzhi, Li Xuyi, Jiang Xinlu
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P. 63-75, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Water productivity under the System of Rice Intensification from experimental plots and farmer surveys in Mwea, Kenya
Authors: J.A. Ndiiri, B.M. Mati, P.G. Home, B. Odongo
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P. 76-85, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Rice production under water management constraints with SRI methods in northeastern Afghanistan
Authors: Ali Muhammad Ramzi, Humayun Kabir
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P. 86-93, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Irrigation water use efficiency for rice production in southern Iraq under System of Rice Intensification management
Authors: Khidhir A. Hameed, F. A. Jaber, A. J. Mosa
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P. 94-109, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
A high-yielding, water-saving innovation combining SRI with plastic cover on no-till raised beds in Sichuan, China
Authors: Lu Shihua, Dong Yujiao, Yuan Jiang, H. Lee, Hilario Padilla
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P. 110-125, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of greenhouse gas emissions from SRI and flooded rice production in SE India
Authors: Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, D. Narasimha Reddy, Barbara Harriss-White
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P. 126-134, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Methane emission patterns and their associated soil microflora with SRI and conventional systems of rice cultivation in Tamil Nadu, India
Authors: S. K. Rajakishore, P. Doraisamy, K.S. Subramanian, M.Maheswari
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P. 135-146, NO. 4, VOL. 61, Dec 2013
Effects of groundwater level on CH4 and N2O emissions under SRI paddy management in Indonesia
Authors: Budi I. Setiawan, Arief Irmansyah, Chusnul Arif, Tsugihiro Watanabe, Masaru Mizoguchi, Hisaaki Kato
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