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Paper Format

1. Content
  Write in Chinese or English. Please use PMingLiU for Chinese characters (except for the paper title , use DFKai-SB), and use Times New Roman for English characters.
    ※ Font size: 20-point (bold) for the paper title; 14-point for authors’ names; 14-point (bold) for the subtitle of each section, e.g. Abstract, Introduction, …, Conclusion, and Reference; 12-point for the text.
    ※ Paragraph: through the entire manuscript, use at least 20pt for the line space; justified alignment; 0-line space before and after each paragraph. Indent the first word of each paragraph for two characters.
    ※ Number: Use Arabic numerals for numbers. Years are presented as common era. A comma should be marked at digits of thousand, million, and so on for numbers presenting values, e.g. 1,234,567.
    ※ Margin: 2 cm for each side of the whole manuscript.

2. Article structure
  A manuscript should contain the following parts: (1) Paper title; (2) Author(s) and the corresponding information (including current positions and offices); (3) Contact information of the corresponding author including current position, office, telephone number, address, and email ; (4)Abstract; (5) Keywords; (6) Main text; (7) Acknowledgement (optional) ; (8)Reference.

3. Paper title and author(s)
  Please be precise on the paper title and place authors’ names right below the title with information of current positions and academic offices.

4. Abstract
  Abstract should be prepared in both Chinese and English versions. Length of the abstract should not exceed 400 words for each version.

5. Keywords
  Place keywords under the abstract (5 keywords at most) and separate each keyword by a comma

6. Section and heading
  Any section may be given a brief heading. Each heading should appear on its own separate line with a serial number aligns to the left margin. Sections and subsections should follow the sequence of: 1.1, 1.1.1, …; 2.1, 2.1.1., …, and so on.

7. Length
  The whole manuscript should be less than 20,000 words (including text, figures, tables, and references )

8. Figures and Tables
  Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively and accompanied by a legend (fonts: 10-point, bold). Place all the figures together after Reference, and then the tables.

9. Symbols
  Any symbol should be defined for the first time it appears in the manuscript.

10. Abbreviation
  Any abbreviation of Chinese or English should be written in its full-name for the first time it appears in the manuscript.

11. Reference
  References should be listed with numbers following the alphabetical sequence of the author(s)’s name(s) after the main text of the manuscript. In the text, citation of a reference should be presented as “(name(s) of the author(s), year)”. See the following examples for reference styles:

    Buckly, J. J., 1985, "Fuzzy Hierarchy Analysis," Fuzzy Sets and System, Vol. 17, 233-247.

    Thomas,W.A.,and McAnally, W.H.,Jr., 1985, "User’s Manual for The Generalized Computer Program System: Open-Channel Flow and Sedimentation TABS-2," Hydraulics Laoratory, Waterways Experiment Station, Corps of Engineers , U.S. Army.

  Conference proceedings:
    Wang R. Y. and L. S. Hsieh, 2000, "Flood Forecast System Model for Tanshui River Basin, (II): Runoff forecast model," University of Iowa, hydroinformatics 2000 Conference.

  Academic thesis:
    Hayes, K. F., 1987, "Equilibrium, Spectroscopic, and Kinetic Studies of Ion Adsorption at the Oxide/Aqueous Interface," Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Civil Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

  Research report:
    Yen, C. L., Lee, T. H., Wang, R. Y., Yang, D. L., Hsu, M. H., 1998, "Research and development of flood forecasting system model for Tanshui River Basin. Technical Report, " Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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